My Little Story Authored by Duncan Edwards

My Little Story

Life began in Trinidad & Tobago, My early childhood hobbies were eating and singing and I was very good at both. I attended the John S. Donaldson Polytechnic Institute (now called University of Trinidad & Tobago) to study Cooking and graduated. I served in the Trinidad & Tobago defence force. Upon migrating to Canada, I worked at the Royal York Hotel under Executive Chef J. Locati, He was instrumental in my employment at the C N Tower, where I attained the position of Chef de Partie β€œSaucier".


In 1978, I resigned and started 2 businesses called Edwards' Hospitality Staff Rental Company Limited and Rent A Shopper. During this period I attended The National Institute of Broadcasting, where I studied Radio and Television Broadcasting, Acting and Modeling. and graduated. My life long hobbies are cooking and eating delicious foods. Over the coming weeks, months and years, I intend to present to the public," with your help" Recipes from all Cultures, Photos, Profiles, Reviews, Sites, Social Features, Faves and Blogs to help in enhancing your culinary experiences.

Today, I invite all Cooks and Juicers in whatever area of specialty to contribute and subscribe freely to Caribbean Delights and celebrate the culinary dishes that the world can enjoy.

Best Regards,

Duncan Edwards.

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