Does anyone know the meaning of true friendship?


Authored and presented by Duncan Edwards

Hello everyone, blessings. We hope that you have been having a wonderful week so far Let us pay our respects to those that have passed on, May they Rest In Peace
We offer our congratulations to all newborns everywhere in the world and wish them and their families the very best for the future.
I would like to briefly touch on the topic of friendships. This to me is the most selfless and honorable thing that one person can offer to another that represents perhaps the embodiment of (another you) or perhaps we see qualities in a person that truly we wish will complement our life forever.
Too often the word "friendship" is used so lightly that we think of it as just a phrase, without doing any research on this word, my understanding of it is often used to symbolize someone that I will trust with perhaps my life as it is the noblest and heartfelt belief.
We use the word too frequently and in most cases simply for many other selfish motives.
I sometimes wonder whether any of us fully understand the meaning of the word " Friendship "  and what it was meant to represent
While I respect someone for calling me a friend, I sometimes ponder to what degree and if is it of any value in our lives by those who so often use it or is it just a worthless one-sided ploy.
I guess we may never know its true meaning as they say friends come and go. True friendship lasts a lifetime through good times and bad and anything less cannot be the same.  We'll never know, would we?
May we all be blessed by our creator
Let's Live, Love, and Eat well

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